Kettleday is a day in between; an accumulative effect of a 24 hour period fragmented into smaller measurements of about four minutes each. Kettleday occurs, for 24 hours, once in between any 364 consecutive days. A Kettleday is composed of 364 divisions known as kettlemetres. Each kettlemetre consisting of 237.363 seconds (0.066 hours).

Kettleday appears on a clock as the first 3.956 minutes after midnight, every calendar day.

After any 364 days one will have experienced, among other things, one full Kettleday. While a year happens during a particular period, a Kettleday happens in between a chosen period.

Since the use of Kettleday does not replace or add anything extra to a schedule, it can be easily incorporated into any calendar. Kettleday is a relationship between language symbols representing some random cross sections of existence.

Like counting the sand of an anonymous desert, there ís no ceremonial purpose to Kettleday. Itís like any other day; itís just another measurement.

A xylowave occurs everytime an effect has no cause, or a cause has no effect.