Selected compilations and splits featuring GX Jupitter-Larsen
(Solo, in collaborations, and as The Haters)

Pythagoras Bvdgerigar (Cassette)
1 track: Eye want to be nobody. (VEC Audio Exchange, 1981)

Nowhere To Play (LP)
2 tracks: Awarken By His Own Voice and An-though-O-quake 59. (Metro Media, 1982)

Contact Disc 1 (LP)
1 track: Pyrophobic Pyromanic. (Stiching Stopcontact, 1983)

Mail Music (LP)
A brief excerpt of Pyrophobic Pyromanic randomly placed among sounds from other mail artists. (Nicola Frangione, 1983)

Minutes To Go (Cassette)
1 track: An-though-O-quake 23. (Ministry of Culture, 1983)

Voices, Notes & Noise (Clear vinyl LP packaged with 72 colour slides)
There's nothing on the record by The Haters, but one of the slides is by GX Jupitter-Larsen. (Recommended Music, 1984)

Ohreenschrauben (LP)
1 track: Crasbreak. (DOM, 1985)

Voices End Abruptly (LP)
2 tracks: Rubber-Gag Poem and Winnnax. (Chimik Communications, 1985)

L'enfe Est Intime (Double LP)
1 track: Chain Explosions. (VP 231, 1985)

Journey Into Pain (4 Cassette Box Set)
1 track: Journey Into Pain. (Beast 666 Tapes, Japan 1986)

ND 7 (Cassette)
1 track: Destroyed. (ND Magazine, 1986)

Merzbow & The Haters (Cassette)
2 tracks: Jopa and an untitled collaboration with Masami Akita. (banned, 1987)

Sex & Bestiality (4 Cassette Box Set)
1 track: Radio Interview. (D.f.Sadist School, 1987)

Insomnia Vol One (Double Cassette Box Set)
1 track: Fiexcit. (We Never Sleep, 1987)

Zondig (LP)
1 track: Forto. (Midas Music, 1988)

What Is Truth Vol Two (LP)
1 track: Huwa. (Panic Records, 1988)

Auricular audio magazine No. 1 (cassette sandwiched between two records with drilled holes and stitched together with twine)
1 untitled track. (Auricular, 1989)

Enraptured Violence: The Haters / Con-Dom (Split Cassette)
Side A: live in Birmingham, 1989. (Con-Dom, 1990)

Requiem Sampler (EP)
1 track: Forvandle. This record only exists as ten copies of a test pressing. Originally this EP was to be included in the zine Requiem #44. (Requiem, 1989)

Scrape Audio Magazine #1 (Cassette)
1 track: Banes 3. (Plutonim Press, 1991)

The Perpetual State of Oracular Dream (LP)
1 track: Udemo. (Anomalous, 1991)

EarTV (Cassette)
1 track: Ishittall. (Topitow, 1991)

CD For The Unstable Media (CD)
An excerpt of the one-act radio play Final was incorporated into a 60 minute montage of different events which all took place at the V2 performance space in Den Bosch. (V2 Archive, 1991)

Journey Into Pain (4 Cassette Box Set)
1 track: Journey Into Pain. (Statutory Tape 1992) Re-release of the 1986 Beast 666 compilation

The Strange Transmissions Cassette (Bonus Cassette with the Summer issue of the magazine Nothing But Record Reviews)
Side A: Radio Interview. (Nothing But Record Reviews 1993)

Ohreenschrauben/Ohrensausen (Double CD)
1 track: Crasbreak. (Dragnet 1993) Re-release of the 1985 DOM compilations.

Insomnia Vol One (Double CD)
1 track: Fiexcit. (We Never Sleep / Staalplaat, 1993) Re-release of the 1987 compilation.

Stinky Horse Fuckers (CD)
1 track: Clici-Clic. (S.H.F., 1993)

America The Beautiful (Double CD)
1 track: Climate Antenna. (RRRecords, 1994)

8-Tracks of Fury (8-Track Cartridge)
1 track: Ordinary Shovel. (Commercial Failure, 1994)

Soundtrack for the End of the World (CD)
1 track: The Rapture of Transformation. (Self Abuse Records, 1994)

The Japanese/American Noise Treaty (Double CD)
1 track: Distance. (Relapse Records, 1995)

Compilation-EP compiled by GX Jupitter-Larsen, and featuring Rectal Mucus Popsicle by Smell & Quim, Flint by Chop Shop, Calldown by Com-Dom, and Rough by The Haters. (Noisopoly 1996)

America Salutes Merzbow (CD)
1 track: Crocidura Dsi Nezumi. (Vinyl Communications, 1996)

Vanite (EP)
1 track: Basic Clici-Clic. (Syntactic, 1996)

Links Outta Here (CD)
1 track: Polished Thaw: 8-Track Cartage Mix. (Generator Sound Archine, 1997) Dedicated to Abigail Lavine

The Tag Team LP (LP)
1 track: Changing The Tire. (S.H.F., 1997) Pressed on clear red vinyl. Contributions are used to depict noise artists as wrestlers involved in the mayhem of a very noisy wrestling ring. Track credited to 'The Haters, accompanied by their manager Girl'.

Mind Your Release (CD)
1 track: Burst. (Release, 1997) A 'Release Your Mind 2' sampler for radio stations only.

Release Your Mind 2 (Triple CD)
1 track: Burst. (Release, 1997)

Milanese Bestiality / Drunk On Decay (Split LP)
Tribute to M.B., with Merzbow ('Milanese Bestiality') on one side, and The Haters (the Toast To M.B. version of Drunk On Decay) on the other. Pressed on clear yellow vinyl. (Old Europa Cafe, 1997)

Kausing A Kommotion (CD)
1 track: Who's That Girl?. (Nihilist & Inverse Suggestion, 1998) Tribute to Madonna.

PAL-18 (Flexi)
Untitled track. (Pinch a Loaf, 1998) Originally made to be source material for an one-sided LP by A.M.K. It was also included free in certain magazines.

Splinter Clear Cut / Joyous Smash (Split CD)
Features one track, Joyous Smash by The Haters; and three tracks by Aube. (Freak Animal Records, 1998)

Six Quarters (EP)
1 track: Mind The Gap 14. Pressed on blue vinyl. (Syntactic, 1998)

RRR 500 (LP of 500 lock grooves)
One lock groove attributed to each: The Haters, Grromp Man, and Ed Taylor. (RRRecords, 1998)

Helicopter No 4 (EP)
1 track: Clici-Clic 19. (Helicopter, 1999)

The Haters / Industria Masoquista (Split Cassette)
The Haters (Odiadores) on one side, and Industria Masoquista ('Fractura Celular') on the other. (Charito, 1999)

Planetart Realaudio 1999 (CD)
1 track: Clici-Clic 42. (S.M.P., 1999)

Helicopter No 2 (EP)
1 track: Clici-Clic 19. (Helicopter, 2000) Re-release of 'Helicopter No.4' with extra tracks.

Eat Dead Flies 1 (Cassette)
1 track: Dirwyn. (E.D.F., 2000)

Elekt Noiz #4 (Bonus CD with the number four issue of the magazine Elekt Noiz)
1 track: Clici-Clic 39. (Elekt Noiz / MSBR Records, 2000)

Haters / Radiosonde (Split mini-CDR)
The Thinking Ross Did #20 by The Haters, and 'Headworms' by Radiosonde. (Gameboy Records, 2001)

Semi Sweet (Zine with cassette & CD)
1 track on the CD: Drunk On Decay #18. (Dhyana Records, 2001)

A Cross-Cultural Compilation (CD)
1 track: Amathodynamics. Russian translation of text by GX Jupitter-Larsen and voice by Eugeny Voronovski. (Insofar Vapor Bulk, 2001)

Shoot The Messenger / Clici-Clic 49 (Split mini-LP)
'Shoot The Messanger' by Tonka on one side, and Clici-Clic 49 by The Haters on the other side. Pressed on clear vinyl. (Disconnected Records, 2002)

The Haters / Mr. Natural / Bassifondi Orchestra (CD)
2 tracks: Dirwyn 14 and a 15 minute excerpt of Death-Defying Sickness. (GLK, 2002)

An Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music, Volume 1 (Double CD)
1 track: October 24, 1992 Graz Austria (Sub Rosa, 2002) This track is actually a 5'23" excerpt from the CD 'SURVIVAL RESEARCH LABORATORIES'

Warlock Pinchers Imposters Album (CD)
1 track: Pinchers Tribute. (Braceface, 2002)

Scrape Audio Magazine #1 (CDR)
1 track: Banes 3. (Plutonim Press, 2002) Re-release of the 1991 cassette compilation.

Soun (Single-sided EP)
A 4 second excerpt of Mind The Gap #11 randomly placed among 98 other 4 second contributions to from a six and a half minute composition by 99 contributors. (Gameboy Records, 2003)

Haters / Lockweld (Split LP)
Dirwyn #22 by The Haters on one side, and six shorter tracks by Lockweld on the other. (Gameboy Records, 2003)

(si'ke-del'ik) volume one (CD)
1 track: Audiothecary 8. (Psychform Records, 2004)

Sprinklers With Blood Shooting Out (CDR)
1 track: Drunk On Decay 2003. (Tin Cans And Wine, 2004)

Decaying Behavior (Split CD)
Features Drunk On Decay 2004 by The Haters; and one track by Black Leather Jesus. (Deadline Recordings, 2004)

The End of The Fear of God (CD)
1 track: Rubbish Re-Mix. Macro fiction "You Cant Reason With Logic" by GX Jupitter-Larsen featured as liner notes in booklet. (Tochnit Aleph, 2004)

Electronic Thisturbance (CD)
1 track: Her Moans Were Grinding Against His Utricle. (Thisco, 2004)

Radio Obsolete Recordings 8 (CDR)
1 track: Audiothecary 15. (Radio Obsolete Recordings, 2005)

MSBR - The Haters - Nothingistrue (CDR)
1 track: Spinner Spade 3. (The Terrorists Win, 2005)

GX Jupitter-Larsen / IDX1274 (Split CDR)
1 track: Xylowave 12 sandwiched between two tracks by IDX1274. (IDX1274, 2005)

Tenure (CD)
1 track: Norcal 2005. (Northern California Noise Festival, 2005)

Yokomono 3 (LP)
Five lock grooves of the Hollywood Subway recorded by GX Jupitter-Larsen. (Staalplaat, 2006)

blackhumour / GX Jupitter-Larsen (Split CDR)
1 track: Xylowelle . The track by blackhumour is entitled 'Xylowave'. Each of the packages contains a found object from the street or some other empty place; all collected over 5 years. With each disc is for example a old tin can, a piece of dirty rubber, plastic or cloth, or just old paper. The disc and the found object are packaged in a paperbag, which is wrapped in a plastic bag. (RFTS, 2006)

Viva Negativa! A tribute to The New Blockaders, Vol. One (Four LP Box Set)
1 track on LP #1: Mantra To Rot. (Vinyl On Demand, 2006)

The date fork seeps the river volume 2 (LP)
1 track: 7 Seconds From The Haters. (Nauscopy, 2006)

Featuring material from Grunt, Toni Kandelin, The Lovers, Haare, Hinageshi Bondage, Atari Satan, as well as a remix of the whole thing by GX Jupitter-Larsen. (26 Volts of Danger Recordings, 2006)

One side of one LP. (Troniks, Groundfault and RRRecords, 2006)

L.A. Noisescape (CD)
1 track: Xylowave 11. (Bastardised, 2006)

Merzbow & The Haters (CD)
2 tracks: Jopa and an untitled collaboration with Masami Akita. Re-release of the 1987 cassette remastered by John Wiese. (banned, 2006)

An International Noise Compilation (CDR)
1 track: Audiothecary 15. (Radio Obsolete Recordings, 2006)

László Tóth, Gentle Hammer (Bonus single packaged with a special limited edition version of the CD 'Das Zerstoren / Zum Gebaren' by The New Blockaders) This record, pressed on clear vinyl, featured two tracks. While the track mixed by The New Blockaders was dedicated to the famous vandal László Tóth, the one mixed by The Haters was dedicated to mathematician László Fejes Tóth. (Blossoming Noise, 2007)

BTHO : a collection of artists in the 90028 zip code (Cassette)
1 track: Permawave (2). Comp compiled by John Wiese. (Ecstatic Peace, 2007)

The Haters / FCKN' BSTRDS (Split single)
1 track: Permawave (1). (Dead Mind Records, 2008)

OEC 100 / The Old Europa Cafe (Seven CD Box Set)
1 track: Norge Om Polybølge. (Old Europa Cafe, 2008)

Manifesto Rumorarmonico Post Futurista (Double LP)
One side of one LP: What of future Futurists? Pressed on white vinyl. (Old Europa Cafe, 2008)

...and in the end a beautiful memory remains (Split EP)
One side: Mio's Permawave. This split with Gehirn.Implosion (G.I) is dedicated to Dirk Dietzel's infant son Mio who passed away on the first of February 2008. Pressed on green vinyl. (Verstand Recs, 2008)

Nihilist Assault Group: Silent Movie (Silent DVD with One-sided LP)
Documents only known live performance of the alias of The New Blockaders at No Fun Fest (New York, 2005). The DVD holds only silent footage and one must play the record to hear the actual audio while watching the video. DVD features text-only commentary by GX Jupitter-Larsen. (Hospital Productions, 2009)

Volume G (CD)
Four-second track attributed to GX Jupitter-Larsen: Explosion 2008 (Zelphabet, 2009)

Art Musique Action Vol 1 (Double CD)
1 track: Che Guevara [Korda]. (SUBliminalRECordings, 2009)

Volume H (CD)
Eight-second track attributed to The Haters: Explosion 2009 (Zelphabet, 2009)

RRR 1000 (LP of 1000 lock grooves)
50 lock grooves attributed to GX Jupitter-Larsen. (RRRecords, 2009)

An Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music, Volume 1 (Triple LP Set)
1 track: October 24, 1992 Graz Austria (Sub Rosa, 2009) Vinyl re-release of the 2002 CD.

Physical Damage (CDR)
5 tracks by K2 with GX Jupitter-Larsen: Cut, Divide, Rip, Sever, and Taunt. (Rude Fans, 2010)

Drilling A Hole Through The Sky (CD included with book of same title)
3 tracks by The Haters: Crashbreak (1985), Spanking (1982), and Ball-Gag Poem (1986). 1 track by K2 with GX Jupitter-Larsen: Boiling Autopsy (2009). And 1 track by GX Jupitter-Larsen & Torturing Nurse: Junktacky Spit (2009). Eleven tracks by other artists are also featured. (Helicopter, 2010)

Galactic Hits (Bonus CD with the March 2010 edition of the magazine Vibrations)
1 track: Last Days On Theia which is GX's sonic adaptation of his science fiction manuscript. (The Maison d'Ailleurs, 2010)

The Year 25 - 25 Years of Korm Plastics (Cassette)
1 track: Fran's Permawave. (Korm Plastics, 2010)

Vertierten Horden (CD)
1 track: Sometimes Never. (Suggestion Records, 2010)

New Directions In Experimental Music (Triple Cassette)
1 track: Freezing To A Boil. (Nihilist Records, 2010)

Extrapool's Audiotron (CD, Mini-CD, Single, Book & 3 Buttons)
1 track on the mini-CD: Gimme Gimme Polywave. (Extrapool / Korm Plastics, 2010)

Night Science IV (Bonus CD with magazine)
1 track: Spinner Spade (2010). (Cipher Productions, 2010)

Viva Negativa! Volume II (Double CD)
1 track: Mantra To Rot. (Important Records, 2010) Re-release of the 2006 Vinyl On Demand compilation.

The Haters / Hal Hutchinson (Split Cassette)
1 track: Xylowave 2010 on one side, with tracks by Hal Hutchinson on the other. (Der Bünker Records, 2010)

The Internationale (Cassette)
1 track: The Internationale by GX Jupitter-Larsen with vocals by Christian Von Sponheim, Lob ov Instagon, Matt Richards, Screwtape, & Tom Bradley. (banned, 2010)

Solidarity (CD)
5 tracks: Solidarity Forever (Dirwyn Mix), Solidarity Forever (Spinner Spade Mix), and Solidarity Forever (Peramwave Mix) by GX Jupitter-Larsen & Screwtape; Bellaciao by GX Jupitter-Larsen & Dave Phillips; Red Flag by AMK with GX Jupitter-Larsen. (banned, 2010)

Encyclopaedia of Industrial Music Vol 2 (Bonus CD)
1 track: Solidarity Forever (Spinner Spade Mix) by GX Jupitter-Larsen & Screwtape. (Impulsy Stetoskopu, 2010)

Common Sense (Cassette)
1 track: Drunk On Decay 2010. (Hospital Productions, 2010)

Brains On Backwash III: Backwash To The Future! (Cassette)
1 track: untitled. (905 Tapes, 2011)

The Haters / Screwtape (Split Cassette)
1 track: Dirwyn 2010 on one side, with a track by Screwtape on the other. (Solar Anus, 2011)

Silence Philosopher (CDR)
1 track: Kettleday 2010. (Anima Mal Nata, 2011)

I Never Promised You A Rose Garden (Cassette)
1 track: Untitled Title Shot 2011. (Made available only thru the 2011 WFMU Pledge Drive by The Eternal Now podcast)

Fortune Teller (Six Cassette Box Set)
One side of one C-20 cassette: Ten Minute Glitch. (Hermitage Tapes, 2011)

The Haters / blackhumour (Split Cassette)
One side: 15 Minute Glitch, with a track by blackhumour on the other. (Quagga Curious Sounds, 2011)

White Eye Of Winter Watching (Double Cassette)
One track: Spinner Spade 2011. (Hospital Productions, 2011)

8th Mute Sound Mail-Sound-Art Project (CD)
One track: 60 Second Glitch. (Mute Sound, 2011)

Panic Attack (CDR)
Two tracks both entitled Dyspareunia. One is attributed to GX Jupitter-Larsen, while the other is attributed to The Haters. Other tracks by White Walls, and Torturing Nurse. (412Recordings, 2011)

Nichts Fur Niemand (CDR & anti-CDR with signed artwork in hand painted box)
On CDR: 3-way collaboration between The New Blockaders, The Haters, and Vomir. (2011) Listen to it here.

Xylowave / Zylowave (Split Cassette)
One track: Xylowave on one side by GX Jupitter-Larsen, with a track entitled Zylowave by Arvo Zylo on the other. (sPLeeNcoFFIN, 2012)

Self Healing (CDR)
1 track: Untitled Title Shot 2012. (Hospital Productions, 2012)

Benefiets For Japan (Double CD)
1 track: Japan about the Polywave. (Licht-Ung - Struppig Tanzed, 2012)

Tribute To MSBR (LP)
1 track: MSBR about the Polywave. (Urashima, 2012)

The Haters / La Cyanescence (Split Cassette)
Two tracks: Radio Abrasion Pt.4 and Radio Abrasion Pt.5 on one side, and a track by La Cyanescence on the other. (Impulsy Stetoskopu, 2013)

An Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music, Volume 7 (Triple CD)
1 track: Fuechen (1985). (Sub Rosa, 2013)

GX Jupitter-Larsen / God Pussy (Split Cassette)
Two tracks: Kettleday and Spinner Spade on one side, and two tracks by God Pussy on the other. (Nhdiystrec, 2013)

GX Jupitter-Larsen / NRYY (Split Cassette)
1 track: Epopee on one side, and two tracks by NRYY on the other. (Silent Novels Records, 2013)

30/4 (CD)
1 track: Radio Abrasion 2013. (Fragment Factory, 2013)

The Haters / Hal Hutchinson (Split LP)
1 track: Xylowave 2010 on one side, with tracks by Hal Hutchinson on the other. (Auf Abwegen, 2014) Re-release of the 2010 cassette on Der Bünker Records.

Convulsing Vestibular (Split CD)
1 track: Bunyi Tentang Polywave by GX Jupitter-Larsen, and three tracks by K2. (4iB Records, 2014)

1 audio file: Zbigniew About The Polywave A tribute to Zbigniew Karkowski. (SONM: Sound Archive of Experimental Music and Sound Art, 2014)

Canyon Cinemazine #3 (Flexi insert)
1 track: An excerpt of the soundtrack from A Noisy Delivery. (Canyon Cinemazine, 2014)

1 track: Radio Abrasion by GX Jupitter-Larsen, Johnathan Cash and Enrique Hernandez on one side. An international coming together entitled The Strangulation of C. Olson on the other. (Glossolalia Records, 2015)

Stray Dog (CD)
1 track: Excerpt from performance #394. (Oxen, 2015)

GX Jupitter-Larsen, Feldgrau, Grozny 93 (Split Lathe with Mini CDr)
1 track: Pump-Powered Permawave plus one track each by Grozny 93, and Feldgrau. Same three tracks on both the record and the CDr. (NoooiseYeti, 2015) Hear it here.

The Haters / Creation Through Destruction (Split Single)
1 track: Radio Abrasion (2012) on one side, with a track by Creation Through Destruction on the other. Pressed on grey vinyl. (Little Mafia Records, 2015)

Anne Gillis “Archives Box 1983 - 2005” (5 CD Box Set)
2 tracks: Encored Dust (1994) and Encored Dust (1995). (Art Into Life, 2015)

GX Jupitter-Larsen and Ace Farren Ford / Le Scrambled Debutante featuring Emerge (Split LP)
1 side: Vertigone. Pressed on marbled grey vinyl. (Attenuation Circuit, 2015)

The Haters / Blind Pornographics (Split Cassette)
1 track: Ruidoso Equipaje. on one side, and 1 track by Blind Pornographics on the other. Tape comes packaged in a miniature suitcase. The edition is bundled with two inserts of drawings based on the titles of the tracks, drawn by Ernxto CG. There’s also a zine with two horror stories, in Spanish and English, also based on the titles of the tracks. One written by Enrique Garoz DE Diego and the other by Alicia Missterror D. (Enrique Garoz DE Diego, 2016)

Milanese Bestiality / Drunk On Decay (Split CD)
2 tracks: the Toast To M.B. version of Drunk On Decay and Drunk On Decay 1997 plus tracks by Merzbow . A re-release of the tribute to M.B. split LP. (Old Europa Cafe, Italy 2016)

Moondog (Picture Disc LP)
1 track: Moondog About The Polywave for this industrial noise tribute to Moondog. (TNM, 2016)

Noise War (Five CD Box Set)
1 track: Five. (Audio Dissection / Industrial Recollections, 2017)

Noise Against Racism (Online comp)
1 track: BLMATP. (Blackened Death Records / HNM Records, 2017)

Damages / GX Jupitter-Larsen (Split 7-Inch Lathe-Cut Record)
1 side by GX Jupitter-Larsen, with the other side by Damages. (Auralgami Sounds, 2017)

GX Jupitter-Larsen / Zebra Mu (Split 1-Inch Lathe-Cut Record)
1 side by GX Jupitter-Larsen, with the other side by Zebra Mu. (Quagga Curious Sounds, 2017) Michael Ridge wrote on his web site: “This is obviously a handmade and extremely experimental lathe cut record. At 45 RPM, it is monstrously lo-fi and stupidly challenging to play.”

Sandy & Silvia (malmlund jugendfrei) (Split LP)
One side by GX Jupitter-Larsen & The New Movement; same as side 2 from their Nowhere LP. Second side by Mama Bär. Pressed on clear vinyl. (Psych.KG ‎– Psych.KG 423, 2018)

4 Way Split Vol. 1 (Split CD)
1 track: Drunk On Decay 2018 plus other tracks by Mitsuru Tabata, Nocturnal Emissions, and Hiroshi Hasegawa. (Brain Ticket Death, 2018)

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